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Originally Posted by tenderfoot View Post
So air is getting crisp. We are 4 season hammock campers and have the right gear to overnight safely. Although we usually string up close enough to chit chat we do miss a larger shelter to get out of the weather a bit, play cards, do simple camp chores. And while a campfire is timeless and enjoyable a smaller fire crackling away in a stove inside a shelter has some distinct advantages too.

Looking for thoughts and experiences.

I've seen the snow trekker canvas tents, and others, but that may be more of a basecamp thing. Especially since we'd probably sleep in the hammocks still. Big tents are nice but I think the smaller pyramid types (Kifaru, Seekoutside, Luxe) are where we will end up. Some are light enough to toss in pack w/o stove to serve as emergency shelters.

Kni-Co stoves would work well for car camping but if we wanted to backpack a bit we'd probably have to resort to a sled. The low weight stoves seem to be "some assembly required" which is fine but I would worry about the small bits wandering off in the snow.

Of course, now we'd have to carry tools to process wood (only dead & downed) and this whole rig would be not permitted in High Peaks or other areas that ban campfires. Still, the idea of having a "warming hut" even at a ADK Loj site is attractive.

Would welcome your warm thoughts.
You could also do what Bioguide does and go in during the warmer seasons and stash a pile of wood for the winter. Now finding it may be another story, just like finding the Cedar River Flow inlet.

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