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The official site on the south shore of Bog Lake is not in that open area mentioned earlier. It took me a couple visits to this place to figure this out.

From that open area where people sometimes camp, and that certainly appears on the map to be the official site (although there is no disc), there is a faint trail marked by flagging that takes you a couple hundred feet west to a campsite marked with a Camp Here disc. It's well off the water on a little hill, and next to a large concrete foundation, presumably a remnant of a camp. There are old bird houses in some of the trees around this site, which I thought was kind of neat. There is a fairly obvious path to this site from the water, just west of the put in/take out for the portage trail.

I visitied the site in June and again in July, but did not stay there. If you go to Bog Lake I suggest checking out the upper section of the Bog River. It's the main inlet into Bog Lake. The water is dark and cold (even in July) and it feels a bit different than the other sections of the Bog River IMO.
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