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The sites between Bog Lake and Lows Lake are kind of... eh... For one thing, that whole passage between the two lakes (Lows Lake and Bog Lake) is never correctly shown on maps- it's a lot narrower and boggier than most maps indicate.

Site 37 is actually an old gravel pit/log landing. Lots of sandy flat ground but it's set back from the water. Not much in the way of shade either so it gets the summer sun full on for most of the day. During my most recent visit this past summer, it was missing the "Camp Here" disc... and it was also really buggy. Site 38 I didn't stop in to check on during my trip a few months ago but I remember it being kind of small from a previous visit years ago. It's also set pretty far back from the water.

On the plus side, these sites get very little use so the odds of finding them unoccupied (even on a somewhat busy weekend) are usually pretty good.

There are also sites further south- one is on the south shore of Bog Lake, at the north end of the portage between Clear Pond and Bog Lake. EDIT: Apparently I'm wrong on this site- see dacipkowski's response below for more info about this specific site.

Clear Pond has a designated site on the north shore that is quite nice- good flat ground in a shaded section of forest (this also appears to be an old cabin site but it is much nicer than the site discussed on Bog Lake above).

Alternatively, the Grass Pond sites all get less use than the Lows Lake proper sites, and are pretty nice for the most part. If I was trying to avoid crowds/minimize competition for available sites, I'd probably pick this direction over paddling south towards Bog Lake.


Regarding the stretch between Little Tupper and Rock Pond, from there are two sites along this portion. Site #23 I was unable to get to during my trip through a couple of months ago, because the shore line was was so boggy and muddy- no way to get the boat close enough to the shore that you weren't walking through knee or thigh deep thick muck just to access the site. Site #24 was OK, set back from the water and small (with room for 1, maybe 2 tents). It clearly doesn't get much use.

IMO, it's generally worth the added effort to continue paddling to Rock Pond, as the sites there are all pretty nice. (Except for Site #26, that one needs to be taken out around back behind the barn and put out of its misery.) (Also worth noting that I did not stop in to check out Site #27, so no idea if this one is nice or not.)


I've not visited the Beaver River site (Site #12) so I can't comment on that.

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