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I paddled Round Lake 4 weeks ago and it was crowded at the launch and on the water but saw two open sites.

I agree that The size of Round Lake is more of a day paddle unless you plan to spend alot of time at your campsite or eventually paddle into LTL. It is justvtoo small for multi day or full day explorations for me.

In past years there has been bear activity at specific sights so a bear canister is certainly wise not only for bears but chipmunks and mice. Necessary I do not know.

I will not comment on best sites because I am of the opinion that exploring and checking over the sites is a part of the journey vs. social media guidance on where to stay.

There are two pair of loons and I once had a female moose here while paddling. If the air is calm, I used to hear the DEC generator running but not sure if this still occurs.

The beauty of Round is no motors.
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