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I haven't been to Round Lake myself, but it sounds like a nice area. In regard to whether you can tell if a site is occupied without disembarking I would say usually you can, but it may depend on how observant you are and what the camp setup is like.

A case in point, once at Stillwater I spent 3 nights on site #10, and on the morning after my second night I went out in the canoe to poke around and look at things, and as I came back around 11 I found that a party of folks in a motorboat were just leaving the site, having just discovered that I was camping there after they had set up all their stuff. My tent is a 1 person backpacking tent and was a bit off to one side from their tents, but my food bag was hanging abut 12 feet off the ground directly over one of their large tents. Stillwater has a campsite sign-in at the boat ramp, so they went back and signed in to a different site, and I went off again in my canoe to a beach across the cove and waited till they had had time to move to their new site.
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