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I have visited Round Lake twice. Drop your boat and gear by the register and then park in the parking area. It is a short paddle through the inlet to the lake. Site #1 is on the right just as you enter the lake. The landing is actually before the site; you should be able to make it out in the bushes. I enjoyed camping there, but you can here vehicles on the road if it is quiet. Interestingly, I had cell service there. I looked at every site and the only other one I liked was site #4. I actually prefer that because it is close to the outlet and further from the road. I found the sites on the west side of the lake less desirable. When I was there in June of last year, there was no one else camped there. We went to Little Tupper last week. On Friday, around mid day, there were at least a dozen cars at the parking area and along the road. I keep a clean camp and use an Ursack; I had no problem with bears, but as was said, always take the necessary precautions.
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