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The first time I went up the Oswegatchie, I stopped and checked out most of the sites. They were all in top notch condition and I was surprised how many there were!

I believe I passed the AFR coming downstream on my return, so I do believe this was still happening not so long ago.

I've had the same experience at Lows. Never once saw a bad site and always saw an AFR.

Lila I've seen a little more haggard, but I'll also argue it's the easiest to get to the majority of campsites of those 3. I've also noticed people carrying A LOT of gear up and down that carry. To me, this directly correlates with issues. Big coolers of beer usually = disruptive and careless behavior. Unfortunately there's no real law against that, that I know of. If you're strong enough to carry it in, you can do it.
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