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Sounds like a great trip! A couple of thoughts on the areas with which I am familiar:

Most of the campsites on the Oswegatchie, downstream of High Falls, were quite small. At least the ones we found were really small, with the exception of the area around one of the lean - tos. I don't have my maps with me so I can't give you an exact location or #. We stopped there on our way back from High Falls and were met by a quite aggressive paddler who did not even want us to get out of our canoes. We said HI politely, assured her we were not staying, and got out to stretch our legs and check out the area. It was lovely.

You could get some help with shuttles if you want it. Call me if you want. Or you could invite someone (EJ) to paddle in and meet you on the Oswegatchie! Remember, we do have two Hornbecks and two portage equipped backpacks if you want to borrow.
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