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Are you in a solo canoe or tandem? Watch the wind and waves on LTL with a later start, it gets rough.
My favorites sites on LTL are at the head of the lake, 11, 12, Camp Bliss. Rock Pond is a great spot to spend the night.
You can paddle quite a ways up Charley Pond outlet.
Besides Frederica, there is a nice short bushwhack up the unnamed knob just a tad NE of Frederica that gives different views of Lila.
You can paddle quite a bit of the Beaver River, it's very scenic in there.
As Zach said, the Harrington carry is grown in and has unseen boulders and muck holes underfoot.
Grass Pond Mt is a given, you shouldn't skip it, the bushwhack is nearly a maintained trail. IIRC, the path starts at the roadside cove near site 25...It's a fun scramble.
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