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I did the Whitney Loop a few weeks back starting at Round Lake and going counter clockwise. IMO, the section between Lila and Rock Pond is tough. Like you are planning to do, I did it in a day, single carry with my 45 lb Mad River Indy. It was difficult, but since it will be your first day of portaging and you will be fresh, it might not be too bad. Lots of beaver activity on the longest portage of that section, and some route finding skills needed on the other shorter portages of that section. There are not always trail markers but look for flagging in those cases.

Lows to Lila was not so bad compared to the the portages between Lila and Rock Pond. I highly recommend doing it single carry, especially if you want to do the west end of Little Tupper to Lila in a day. Tomar Pond was worth the look.

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