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Originally Posted by bigkevkayaker View Post
Did much of the same research and as a result, picking up Swift Prospector 14 from Anne and Rob at Raquette River Outfitters TODAY
While I think I am going to opt for something a little bit lighter, I do have to say that I am still intrigued by the Prospector 14. I'd go so far as to wonder whether the stated capacity is an "absolute maximum before the water overtakes the gunwales" except that Swift is pretty clearly a reputable brand, and the stated capacities for all of their other boats are pretty well in line with the operational capacities given for Placid Boatworks and Hornbeck.

For someone looking to prioritize maximum capacity in a boat that remains firmly in the "ultralight" class, it seems like you can't do much better. Have you had a chance to get out in it yet? How does it handle in comparison to the Hornbeck?

In any case, 400 lbs is far more capacity than I could ever see myself using (even on a luxurious base-camping trip with zero portages).
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