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Originally Posted by richard1726 View Post
My take on your question, A different perspective.
I have had many fun solo trips with my 17 foot, 36 inch wide, 72 lb Roylex Mad River Explorer, 1991.
Ooooof. 72 pounds? I'm sure it works for you, but I am definitely looking for something that I can at least keep up a good pace with, whether in the water or across land.

Originally Posted by Rich Lockwood View Post
it sounds like your only looking at pack (sit on the bottom)canoes. Is that right? Are you looking at paddling lakes, windy streams, Or moving water. that would narrow it down. I have experience with several light weight solos (all with high seats) , an you may want to look at savage River canoes. I have owned 2 and they are real tough and extremely lite.
Keep your paddle wet, Turtle
Yes, definitely focusing on pack canoes. Some swiftwater, possibly even Class 1 might be nice but is not the highest priority for me right now.

As with all pieces of gear... I have a feeling that my first canoe won't be my last. So right now I want something that will get me into some of the areas of the Adirondacks that I don't yet have much experience in- the St. Regis Canoe Area, The William C. Whitney Wilderness, and so on. I have my eyes on a potential Little Tupper Lake traverse to Inlent on the Oswegatchie River planned for this summer, which would more or less be the maiden voyage of the canoe.

Originally Posted by Zach View Post
Since no one else has said it yet in this thread I'll say that building a strip canoe is not only fun but cost-effective.
Originally Posted by stripperguy View Post
Mr deathstar,
Come borrow my Red Kite for a week if you should be easy enough for you to carry, and it's certainly able to carry you and your gear. It's built tough, so you don't have to baby it...
I'm not entirely opposed to the idea of building my own boat, but I think I'm going to pass on that option at least for boat #1. I will keep those suggestions in mind for the future, however.
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