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I own a 12' Hornbeck Classic and love it. I initially wanted a Black Jack but after seeing the boats in person I opted for the Classic. It has wooden gunwales and they come in handy for for mounting stuff like fish finders and cleats. I made a custom bag for holding my life vest and water shoes that clips to cleats on the inside when carrying overhead. Pete Hornbeck also added a thwart for me to mount a rod holder while trolling.

As far as the durability goes I have run into submerged rocks at full speed. It scuffed up the underside but didn't crack or leak. I always carry some duct tape and epoxy just in case. Its easy to fix with a kevlar canoe repair kit and some wet sanding/elbow grease.

I can't speak for Placid Boatworks other than they look like beautiful boats. Bioguide has many videos of his boat in YouTube and it looks like a work of art.

The one thing I would suggest is to get the lightest paddle you can afford. Carbon fiber is a good choice. Be mindful of the paddle length as you'll need a longer than normal paddle to clear the gunwales.

Pre-COVID I used my boat weekly. Never had an issue with waves or carrying capacity. I'm 6'2" 200 pounds and have carried a full 90L pack plus fishing gear across Pharaoh Lake and Putnam Pond. I never felt unsafe nor did it take on water. I've also done long trips to Lows Lake.

Best of luck!
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