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While I am sure building your own woodstrip is rewarding and inexpensive, but if you don't have the gumption, the facility, or the time, then I can highly recommend a local boatbuilder, Pat Brown, who lives out in the sticks on the far western edge of the Adirondacks; the closest village is Lowville. A one man shop, his boats are surprisingly inexpensive, though they can sometimes be found on the used market for far more than their original price.

Pat Brown has made strip canoes and guideboats for his livelihood for close to 50 years, ever since he started and perfected his skills in high school. He has even built a couple of voyageur canoes and is known for his many guide boats as well as different size tandem canoes, I use my tandem mostly as a solo canoe. I believe his total build count must now be near 1,000, as when he built each of mine (a tandem, a guideboat, and a voyageur) more than 20 years ago his numbers were not far from it. All of his boats have done very well in the 90-mile race, including many first place wins over the years. Pat lives at Upper Chases Lake, east of Lowville NY. Look for his phone number listed under the Glenfield phone exchange or PM me for his number. Pat is a very sociable guy. He will talk your ear off with all kinds of local stories if you happen to spend an afternoon at his shop and try out boats on his nearby small lake (Upper Chase Lake). His dream is to host a local radio talk show, based mainly on interviews with daily residents of Stewart's shops tables, entitled "Some of This Might Be True".
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