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Been doing it for years and is usually pretty seamless. I used to travel back to Michigan for steelhead fishing and I would always end up going into Michigan about midnite. Was asked about my trip and the guy was very inquisitive. Turned out he fished the same rivers. Following years turned into fishing reports and gear talk while the lone line backed up.

However, when my daughter was about 15 I once was told to pull over pronto. Was a little shocked by this - brought us all inside the building and lined up at the counter while MANY questions were asked. Asked what the deal was and they explained my daughter had put her blanket over her head as we went through and they wanted to make sure I wasn't kidnapping her.

As we pulled away and my blood pressure dropped I asked her why. Said she was having a bad hair day. 10 years later we can laugh about it, but every time we go through now I hand her a hair brush for fun.
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