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Thanks for the replies, all.

Originally Posted by Trail Boss View Post
No idea. Most of the news revolves around people from the US crossing into Canada (not at an official port of entry) and claiming refugee status or political asylum. Tens of thousands of people have done this, over the past two years, and are being housed while the backlog of claims is being processed.
Wow, I had no idea, but then again I guess I can’t blame them, with the amount of madness that has been going on in the US over the past several years!

I keep semi-joking with my girlfriend...”Honey can we please move to Canada?”
Her response, “Hell no, they won’t even let us in to see a concert that we all paid $80 for with tickets to show.”
Then I ask, “Ok how about we move to the Adirondacks instead then?”
“Maybe” is best answer that I’ve received so far.
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