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Sounds like an awesome trip!

I suspect it's probably hunting camps and perhaps snowmobilers leaving the recent junk. I don't think those ponds are big enough for a float plane. Maybe a small one, but not one that would be able to carry people plus a lot of stuff for a fishing or hunting camp.

It could be folks hauling that stuff in on their back. I've seen some interesting trash many miles back in the woods. Not everyone has a backpack and a Hefty Bag makes for an awkward, but convenient waterproof carrying container.

That areas was also logged until the 1950's, so maybe some is leftover from that?

Definitely worth a call to DEC. If you've got exact locations (i.e. big pile of Bud Light cans adjacent to the Long Pond designated campsite), that'll help the rangers find it a little easier.

If you've got any pictures, we'd love to see them. I love that area of the FLWF and need to figure out a way to get back up there soon.
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