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Cod Pond, WLWF, 5 Sep 2015

On Saturday, 5 Sep, Tredhed joined my daughter and I for our 5th and final "Lunch at a Lake" hike this season. We chose the short, 1.1 mile, hike to Cod Pond in the Wilcox Lake Wild Forest. We had been to Cod Pond back in 2012 and wanted to revisit this very special spot.

One car greeted us at the Rt. 8 parking lot (photo 1) as we set out up the hill. The first few hundred yards of the trail were fairly rocky and my daughter let me know her displeasure with the footing. However, as the track picked up the old Oregon Trail, it turned into into a delightful walk (photo 2). After signing in at the register, we followed the snowmobile trail in the direction of Cod Pond. After another well signed junction, we followed the sparsely marked trail through some big woods to the pond. I was a little disappointed in that some of the blowdown from 2012 was still obscuring the trail just shy of the designated campsite.

Once at the campsite, a path leads over some beaver cleared trees, down to the pond (photo 3). The path ends at a nice rocky picnic spot right on the weedy shore of the pond (photo 4). As we were enjoying the nice view, a State Police helicopter (UH-1) flew by at low altitude heading NW. Once the wupp, wupp, wupp of the chopper faded away we settled down for a nice lunch and explored some of the rocks that littered the shallows (photo 5).

The hike back to Rt. 8 was a non-event. However, the early afternoon heat was starting to build and we had to stop a couple of times for water. Once we got back to the parking area, there were several cars there. Their occupants enjoying a beautiful day in this neat stretch of woods.

One of the last things we noticed before we left was the near-peak colors on the Shanty Cliffs and the Blue Hills (photo 6). What's up with that?!?
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