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Originally Posted by Justin View Post
As far as LTL compared to Pharaoh...apples & oranges.
LTL is so big that even though it was busy, enjoying solitude was not an issue. Not to mention the difference in litter, abuse, and overuse, which for the most part seemed to be nonexistent at LTL from what I saw.
Funny how our perceptions color things...
MDB and I brought the kids to LTL in June of '98, when there was no camping allowed, day trips only. We got caught in a thunderstorm that was hard to hide from. We couldn't find a suitable spot to hunker down, sure the beaches were there, same as now, but we couldn't penetrate the undergrowth to get much protection. We ended up cramped under our boats. All along the shores, it was quite thick, almost like some of the high peak spruce thickets.
Later that same year, a group of us stayed there in October. On most of the sites you could barely fit a tent, heavy undergrowth everywhere.

In the years since, the sites on LTL have become mostly like any designated sites, beat down to dirt and little undergrowth. At least the sites aren't filled with trash.
It's still a pretty spot and it's oh so easy to camp there.

BTW, you have some great photos there!
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