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Originally Posted by stripperguy View Post
I'm surprised you're back so soon!! Too bad about the knee. And too much badder about those stinkin' stable flies, I guess we were lucky the week before, we had none!!
When you go back be sure to visit Rock Pond, you'll like it.
Did you stay on that itty bitty island because the rest of the sites were full? I see from your tracks that you covered almost the entire lake!! Did you teach Jenny to paddle yet?

I see the fishing poles, any luck?? My nephew and his GF landed too many bass to count and some kinda trout (I didn't see it).

As far as the lake being busy, would you say it was busier than Pharoah lakes area? It is a holiday weekend, after all.
Hi Mike, thanks for the reply.
2 nights was my plan, in order to be back home in time to take the girl out to lunch on Sunday.
When I arrived on Friday, there were 5 other vehicles in the parking area. I figured on trying a clockwise loop to start, and noticed that the Eagle Point site was occupied. Never did see sites 22 & 21, even though I was looking for them and must have paddled right by them.
Site 20 was open, but not really my cup of tea.
Site 19 was also open, an island site, which was nice, but opted to check out the other island with site 18 in hopes of a better view west, and hoping for a spectacular sunset, which I got both nights. Great views in all directions only a few footsteps away from the campsite! It's been a long time since I've camped on an island, so I decided to claim it while I could. It appeared from the island that sites 12 & 11 across the way were occupied, and as the day & weekend progressed, I think just about every other campsite was full.

I fished a little here and there, with a couple hits but no fish. To be honest, I didn't fish a whole lot, was just enjoying floating around, enjoying the sunshine and beautiful scenery. Also, even though Jenny doesn't help me paddle, she does a good job of moaning & groaning when we're not moving much in the canoe, which reminds me to set the rod down and keep moving along.

As far as LTL compared to Pharaoh...apples & oranges.
LTL is so big that even though it was busy, enjoying solitude was not an issue. Not to mention the difference in litter, abuse, and overuse, which for the most part seemed to be nonexistent at LTL from what I saw.

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