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I think I may have mentioned this in another post, but two years ago I was in a group that paddled the Jessup River from where it crosses Rt. 30, downstream a few miles into Indian Lake where we camped for the night at an awesome campsite. We made the trip the last weekend in April and the river was a challenge. We carried around one set of rapids but shot the other. I believe we were the first paddlers in there that spring. When we came out the next day there was still ice in the lower bay north of the boat launch/campground, about three miles worth, that we had negotiate through a pressure crack and then hug the shore. It was work, but overall it was a great trip. The previous advice to tackle the Bog is also a good one. If you set up base camp on Hitchens Pond you can explore from there. I'd also suggest a loop between Follensby Clear/Horseshoe/Pollywog Ponds as soon as the ice goes out. The carries are not bad and the trout should be biting.
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