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Indian Lake has many formal sites, which will be free early season. There could be motor boat activity...would that spoil your trip?
Do you prefer lake paddling or do you want more intimate surroundings? Middle Saranac and Forked will have easy access and more exposure. The ponds around Rollins also have easy access, but are more sheltered.
There are a number of small river trips, the aforementioned Raquette, complete with lean to's, but again, you may hear or see a motor boat.
There's a short up and back on the lower Bog, maybe combined with some time at Horseshoe Lake and Hitchins Pond.

Let's hear what your preferences are...
Can/will you and your group carry? if so, what might be the limit? And how about wilderness vs wild forest? And any preferred sections of the ADK's, north, south, west??
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