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Our gang of four (sometimes 6 or 8) generally gets in a trip soon after ice out and before leaf out and before the black flies.
Here's a photo from May 3, 2013...

We did the Lila to Lows traverse, there was a tiny bit of snow left in the shadiest of ice.
There was a good study of ADK ice in and ice out in the Huntington Wildlife Forest (think Rich Lake, Arbutus Pond, Caitlin) with data from the 1870's.
The last 3 or 4 decades have had a median ice out date of April 24-28.
Here is a link to the paper:
There also is a database of photos from Arbutus Pond stretching back 10 years or so, although the camera seems to have recently been moved to Goodnow Mt and appears to work intermittently now, it may work again by the time you're ready for your trip. Here is the link for that camera:
It may or may not be fully functioning, but the historical photo database is still a good guide.

Aforementioned caveats about cold water are real, water temps could be in the 30's...tough to stay conscious in that sort of water.

Keep in mind that some seasonal use access roads may not be open early season. A call to the specific region DEC ranger can usually identify which roads will or are open, within a week or so...
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