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Great advice being offered. I will add that it is fun to give your kids their own cameras to document the hike. I love seeing what they capture in photos, as it often differs from what catches my eye.

I second Mt. Jo for the best views for the length of the hike. First time up my youngest said, "can you imagine if we lived here and could hike every day?"

Staying in one of the lean-to's at Heart Lake is a nice introduction to car camping and you don't have to invest in a tent. If you do stay at the campground I recommend you sign up for the naturalist hike around the lake. A lot of fun with knowledgeable staff. Plus they also do a weekly campfire with s'mores in the summer.

Most of all remember it is not important you reach your destination. When my boys were younger they often got side-tracked by something interesting off trail. I always tried to make the experience fun for them so they would come with me again. Seems to be working so far as they both summited their first and second high peaks last summer.

Treasure every moment and have fun!
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