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The children are middle schoolers and he's 47 so might be that limiting the physical requirements might be based on Dad.

Using the state campgrounds and doing day hikes the first time , as mentioned, is a good idea. Avoid blackfly season and inclement weather the first year with the kids will make it more enjoyable and and make them want to come back for more.

Smaller peaks with good trails and great views are a good idea at first, they have a sense of accomplishment and make for memorable moments. Mt Jo from Heart Lake has one of the best views of the high peaks that there is, and the mountains with or that had fire towers are always good hikes with great views.

Also , bring along one of the kids favorite treats, don't let them know you have it, then at one of your trail breaks , especially if their getting tired or a bit discouraged, bring it out of your day pack. Kind of a bribe, but hay, the kids will love it. And as was mentioned , take pictures to show friends and relatives after the trip.

John M.
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