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jellendc, Im also a novice hiker [and will be for many years], the folks on this forum will do what they can to give you info for whatever hike you go on. I have learned a lot on this forum by just searching in the box above. I just completed my first summer of hiking/kayaking in the Dacks and I have found that staying simple is key. Make sure to purchase a map such as the National Geographic Trails Illustrated Topo maps. Amazon is a good place to go,buy a single map for around $10 or a pack of maps around $30. When you look at those maps and find a place you want to go, do a quick search on this forum for that trail/area of interest if its not there just ask and someone probably can give you info about it. Next make sure to buy good hiking boots and a day pack to carry things. I made the mistake of using footwear I had around the house to begin hiking and they were torn apart in just a couple of hikes. As you get more experience and hikes become longer/harder, buy the things you need.
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