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Eastern Adirondack DEC Campgrounds

Due to my extreme lack of knowledge of this area I need a little advice.

I'm trying to meet up with my sister's family to camp in the ADKs and she lives on Long Island. Because she doesn't have a lot of time off I would like to camp somewhere that would be close for her, so I'm thinking the Eastern part of the park. I've never stayed at any campground east of 87, and very rarely have even been in this area in the summer so I need some advice.

She will be coming with her boyfriend and their daughter who will be 4 by that time. They have no interest in backwoods camping so I told her we'd do a state site. Ideally we'd like to let them take out a boat, let my niece swim, and maybe do a hike.

I was thinking Putnam Pond but I've never been there and I doubt I'll be able to evaluate the beach area this weekend. Is this a good option or are there better ones? I'd like to avoid Lake George in the summer but I want them to have a good time.

Again any help is appreciated.

PS I know I am asking kind of early but I'd like to make a reservation as soon as I know when they can get off work.
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