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If money is an issue, buy as much gear as you can used. But don't skimp on the tent, bags or sleeping pads, you'll regret it when you can least change it (like 4 AM in a 40 degree downpour).
The "Discover the Adirondacks) series of guidebooks cover all of the ADKs and are most helpful and descriptive.
Start easy and just enjoy the scenery.
Learn the DEC guidelines for camping and minimize your impact.

Do you know about blackflies?? I personally avoid them.
Be sure to dress for safety and comfort.

There is an online site, ARGIS, that has topo maps of everywhere, and also shows most current primitive campsites, lean tos, and hiking trails, as well as private vs state land borders.

Most of all, enjoy yourself and travel at your children's pace. Better yet, have them have a say in deciding where to go, and helping to decide what food and gear to bring.
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