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Question Wilderness Fishing Suggestions

Recently, a reader of my blog inquired about a fishing opportunity in a wilderness setting in the Adirondacks. I came up with a couple suggestions, but was wondering if I was missing anything.

The criteria for this fishing trip was as follows:

1) Fishing from shore is feasible.
2) "Near wilderness experience."
3) Hike of 2 to 4 miles.
4) Camping for 3 people.
5) Will not be eaten by bugs (good luck with that one).
6) Low probability of encountering other people.

It is probably near impossible to accomodate all these desires, as I pointed out to him. The trip is being planned for late June and/or early July.

Any ideas I can pass along would be greatly appreciated, especially on the fishing as I have not done so in 40 years or more.
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