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A few things...

Depending on temperature you may need to move your water supply closer to your body to stay thawed. Especially if you use a camelbak the hose can freeze pretty easily. If the temp is borderline freezing, and you do use a camelbak blow the water back into the bladder after taking a drink, that will minimize the water left in the hose.

Also regarding water, the tendency is to avoid drinking cold water when you're already cold but you need to hydrate just as much in the winter as any other time of the year.

Some type of traction device is advisable and depending on where you're hiking required by law. The last bit of the Whiteface summit approach can be pretty icy, the stairway especially so -- I've been up there where I wouldn't climb that without crampons, also been up there in the winter when it's been bare rock.

Any navigation devices that you may rely on will need to stay warm to retain battery life.

Clothing is very much a personal choice, only recommendation is to have something dry to change into, along with a good windbreak. Whiteface gets very windy.

Hope this helps...

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