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[QUOTE=Pumpkin QAAD;179307]They hunt them in the Black Hills and there is very little instance of conflict. I read a really interesting piece regarding the subject, perhaps the confines of the island have forced the cougars to adapt in terms of the human conflict.

Maybe like a Tsavo lion deal whatever they normally eat is gone.

The ratio thing is interesting because if you look at it based on human density california is low but if you look at it in terms of cougar density california is higher than other places, like the Black Hills.[/QUOTE]

Right. the Black hills are a bit of an anomaly because they are an island of forest and mountains surrounded by plains which is not cougar habitat. Add to that the fact that the Black hills are a popular tourism spot, in fact the most popular in SD, and that the Black Hills are a much more compact area then say Yellowstone (Wyoming.Montana) or Glacier national park (Montana) there are more cougars and humans in limited space.

The hunting of cougars there is based on the numbers rising as well as the lobbying of the hunting interests as opposed to any proven threat.

I'm not saying that the hunting is wrong, only that proven threat to humans is not the reason.

Having said all this I will also ask many of you to remember that I have posted on being "stalked" by a Cougar in South Dakota. At least he was following me stealthily. By making myself "BIG" and yielding a fallen tree branch, charging in his direction and making a lot of noise discouraged him. So he certainly was not fixated on having me for dinner. Education of the habitat and the mannerisms and behavior of predators and the best way to avoid and/or deal with them is the most important factor in avoiding confrontations with any animal.
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