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I did not read through all the replies here, so hope I am not being redundant. My wife and I have done many two week trips with the two of us, our small dog, and all the food and gear needed in our 14' Hornbeck Classic. The hull shape is important if you want versatility. We have paddled large lakes in rough weather many times up in Canada on long trips. While the PB boats are prettier I much prefer the versatility of our Hornbeck. It makes a great solo boat as well.
I used to field test boats for Hornbeck. I found that some of their other hull designs were faster, tracked a little better, or turned a little sharper, but the classic handles the big waves. On long canoe trips we usually end up having to deal with paddling in rough conditions.
I sometimes wish that we had taken Pete up on the offer he gave us for the 16' solo tandem, but for now I will continue to cram myself in the back of the boat!
Ultimately as someone who owns a lot of gear and has been tripping for a long time now I have to say that our Hornbeck is my absolute favorite piece of gear. I cannot say enough good about it!
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