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Kayak trip Suggestions? Places with treatable water?

I do like my Venture Flex, I originally wanted something that would be good for flat water and some low class river running. It has a pretty big storage compartment in the back which helped a lot. For the front I took the foam pillar out for more room and put some gear in dry compression sacks. It really handled the extra weight well and I didn't feel any less stable. The cockpit is smaller than some other Rex kayaks but I don't mind as I feel more like I am part of the boat. Venture is produced by Pyranha and is basically the same boat design as the Pyranha Fusion but with a deeper vee bow and a little less bow rocker. I think if I knew about the Fusion at the time I purchased my Flex, I would have gone with the Fusion to handle the White water a little better, but it was also more expensive. Overall I am very pleased and it tracks well when the skeg is down. I heard there is some good hiking on Grass Pond Mountain and also there are Ice caves somewhere on the back side.
The main reason I decided to go with Bog/Lows was it is really a wilderness feel, especially once you past Higgins Pond and it is supposed to be good Fishing. Another Location that I want to Visit is Lake Lila just south of Lows. It is supposed to be another wilderness spot. There is a portage from the parking lot to the launch beach but it seems like a good place to go without having to paddle as far out like Lows.

Here is a link to a Lows Map showing the campsites

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