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Originally Posted by Bounder45 View Post
Do you have to be a member of the NYS Snowmobile group to use the trails?

I know you have to buy a permit to use many of the trails on private land. I don't see why that same model can be replicated for hikers and/or hunters who want to use these logging roads to get into more remote areas of the ADK's.
You do not have to be a member of a snowmobile club to use the trails, the other option is to pay $55 more to DMV when you register your snowmobile. If you pay the $30 to be a member of a snowmobile club you get a voucher to bring to DMV and only pay $45 vs $100 for the snowmobile registration.

The only place that I am aware of in New York that charges for an extra permit fee is the Town of Webb for snowmobiling in the Old Forge area. Other than there you can ride on any trail in New York regardless which snowmobile club maintains the trail as long as the snowmobile is registered and insured.

I am sure the model you are describing for hikers/hunters would work if you were to get one of the major land owners involved. International Paper used to have pretty much the same permit system you are looking for in the Speculator Tree Farm and Perkins Clearing areas. You could stop at designated local businesses and buy a permit to use their lands ranging from 1 day to I believe a month and for individual use or family use. That was back in the 90's before International Paper sold the land and conservation easements were put on the land. So it could work but I believe the major timber companies prefer club leases since it's a multi year contract usually and seems like it should be guaranteed revenue as long as someone is leasing the lands.
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