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We bought these mid this year.

I like them OK. They have a ton of grip on ice but they aren't for wall climbing or anything, just hiking. They don't seem to care what you have them on, they still seem to grip. Bare rock is where they are the worst but they still grab - you have to be careful because they will twist your ankle though.

I don't much like them on snow, even crusty snow. I'd much rather wear snowshoes. Even with the anti-balling plates these hurt my feet (pressure points). Snowshoes spread the load out and make my feet happy You will also find yourself glissading with them in soft snow - they really like hard pack or ice.

Most people that I see use these though:

I'm sure they work fine (because 100s of peakbaggers use them) as long as you realize you DO NOT have any toe grip. You have to keep your foot flat with these while climbing which can be rough on the calves.

The micros are definitely disposable after a few years once they lose their sharpness. The hillsounds may be able to be sharpened but my guess is the bindings will break before that happens.

Make sure you keep them in a crampon bag because the hillsounds are sharp enough to slice up your bag and your gear. I cut right through my shell pants the first time I used them (now I wear my gaiters with them at all times )

Either that or get a real pair of SS black diamonds. I kind of wish I would have just spent the extra $30 and got those. The old fashioned binding system seems bullet proof although not as quick to put on and SS is nice because it won't rust on you. The hillsounds are getting rusty already.
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