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Well thanks for all the quick info. You have been very helpful. However, I am now highly considering moving my trip to the adirondacks to later in the year when it will be warmer actually, its not the cold im worried about, I just want want to have to deal with alot of snow on this trip. I think im going to take your advice though, and keep an eye on the weather in the last week or two before the trip before I finalize.
That really sucks about the fire situation though. I did end read that on the adm website. Mind of unbelievable. Ive never gone on a backpacking trip and not finished off the day with a warm fire!

How are the bugs in september? Without getting into the winter months, whats the best time to avoid the black flies and mosquitos you guys are talking about?

What do you think about me setting up a 'base camp' at one of the camp grounds around heart lake and day hiking from there to marcy or algonquin, but always returning to the site at night? That way we would be out of the snow at least for the evenings and mornings...

Thanks again guys.
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