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Let me try this again. After I do, get in your car and drive to a flat highway with a wide paved shoulder. Look for an unusual thing just left of the left sided line. In other words, look for something that is large and obvious for quite some distance before you arrive at it. Now, watch it as you pass by. What do you observe? I saw something in the distance that I could not figure out. What was it? Obviously some sort of dead animal or maybe it was a stuffed animal. It certainly was unusual because of its size, and color. The day was clear and the road was clear. It was not rush hour so the traffic was sparse. There is absolutely nothing between my starting and ending point-it is upstate NY after all. As I approach this thing to my left, I see more and more detail. I am moving at 65mph. I could not tell you things like the color of its eyes, how much white it had, etc. This is what I observed. some large red/orange (wanna call it tan, ok) animal. Far longer than a domestic. Long rope like tail that went from the base of the tail towards the head of the animal--clearing the legs and making it halfway of the length of the torso. The tail was too long for the animal. I did not notice legs except that there was pavement between the tail and leg and torso. So the tail was semi-circular toward the front of the animal with pavement/stones showing between the torso and the tail. I did not notice the legs-were they curled up or bent in a jump position or extended? Could not say. As I passed the animal the head was obvious. It was a round heavy looking head with somsome dark markings on the head. Was the animal spotted at all? I don't know. Pictures I have seen that point to spots on animals seem to show pretty faint spots-I would call those that are called spotted in the written material to be solid and red/orange. The tail was the clearest visible feature besides the head. There was no mistaking the tail for anything else. I have had many domestics, Burmese, etc. They have thinner tails that taper at the end. Did this tail have a dark spot on the end. I have no idea. I did not encode this as a Mountain lion. I called the sherif and asked what a big animal with a long tail and cat like very round face could be. She gave me a list. I looked at google image for only the features I saw. Round face, long tail, long torso. I had no expectations. I did not know that one type of animal is common and another not. I also did not think it had a mountain lion face because it was not that long kind of face you see in pictures at all. But, it was almost exactly like the face of the lion that is now in the zoo in Watertown. It must have been about that age. If that cat were to lie down, I think it would look just like what I saw. I did not take pictures because I had no idea there was any controversies and I did not encode it as a mountain lion. I asked the women what it may have been because I did not know at all. So I did not mistake a Lynx or bob cat for a mountain lion nor did I jump to any conclusions. I saw a large cat of a certain color with a long tail and a cute heavy (probably due to thick fur) looking round cat like face-no snout--no dog like features. The few features I saw would be about what anyone would see in that situation. I did not conjure up details to match my notion of a mountain lion since I'd never seen a mountain lion or any of these wild animals. It could have been a pet that got out. Who knows? But do not tell me it might have been a deer or a fox or a bob cat because none have close to the features I saw. Maybe it was a stuffed cub placed as a prank. As I was approaching it, that was one of the things I entertained--was it just a large stuffed animal. It was too life like for that but could have been a stuffed real animal-taxidermied. I don't know but it had those feathers. That I do know. I know all the literature on eyewitness testimony ala Ceci, etc. My sighting has no feature that would suggest a cognitive bias or distortion. In fact, I did not think I saw a mountain lion when I saw the animal. I had no idea of what it was and relied on the sheriff to give me a list. Then I matched by detail and still thought the mountain lion was improbable due the differences in the facial features--until I saw the baby mountain lion pictures and they are spot on. Juz saying.
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