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Hey Sero,
I m not sure my wife would like us riding around Latham with a loaded shotgun..haha..anyway, when I tied a batch of those last time,I found some nice Ruffed Grouse Tails on eBay. In the meantime, I`ll see how many I have leftover,maybe I can send you 6 or so...I`ll get back to you later on today.

"Get your mind off trout,if you can.I know they`ve got you.I can see it. Every fraternity of sufferers knows its brothers.Trout hook men;men don`t hook trout.Better try and throw the hook while you can.By the time you`re a grown man there probably won`t be a pure trout healthy enough to fiddle with"... Quote from Emerson in the book "The Earth Is Enough"by Harry Middleton
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