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Anyone take this supplement?

I was an avid biker for 25 years. Each year I was able to increase my average MPH. Eventually age caught up with me and I simply did not/ could not summon the energy to go over 18 mph. At that point I was so disappointed I quit biking for 5 years. I've started back up a couple of years ago but can't break the 14 mph average mark.

This year I tried GF -9. It's an HGH supplement. I'm only taking 1/4 of the recommended dosage but have noticed an improvement. Not so much speed (about 1 mph faster) but in the way my legs feel afterward. After my most recent ride I was pulling into driveway and told my wife I felt like I never even exercised.
What I can't decide is if this is real or purely psychological. Any other bike riders here taking it? If so what are your experiences. Any side-effects?

Generally I am very skeptical about supplements.
Do other's have any other recommendations?
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