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I had all three seat height options designed for my Rapidfire. One nests on the other. Still too low for my preference and my preferred use of a single blade paddle. At Joe's shop I saw his RF set up for the 90 miler with an even higher seat mounted on rails so the seat could be trimmed fore and aft and it is also optimally tipped 15 degrees forward. I want one of those. He was reluctant at first, saying that once he mounts it, it is permanent and makes the backrest practically unusable. And that most people want a lower seat for better stability. I told Joe to give me one of those seats. Joe, just do it. I'll tell you it is the best thing I could have done. It makes single blade paddling a real pleasure and the canoe becomes extremely maneuverable for me. I love it. Unfortunately for the 90 miler, the rules for that class of canoe (solo-rec) require all boats to use a double blade paddle. No matter, I can handle that, and have done well in the 90 using that configuration a number of times (unless there are PB Shadows in the competition) with minimal pre-race double blade training. But I normally otherwise use the RF to train for single blade paddling in other boats when not able to train with my other paddling partners.

I know that in at least one other case, Joe has installed extra strengthening material as an extra belly band, making the center portion of the canoe stiff enough to mount a high drop seat from the gunwales. I would have gone for that option, had I known about it when I first bought my RF.
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