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Thanks to everyone for their replies. To clarify, I am jhart77 and my wife is jennhart. I had posted the original question and she was trying to clarify if Giant or Phelps were too dangerous or not.

So, what we ended up doing was going up Mount Jo on Saturday and then Giant on Sunday. Giant didn't turn out as well as we'd hoped, but it wasn't because of him at all, it was because I DIDN'T understand one of the signs, and we ended up about a mile out of our way at the peak of Nubble, which was beautiful as well.

We did backtrack and start to head up Giant, but simply ran out of time. We hiked for about an hour more, but we were still a good hour and a half or 2 hours from the peak and it was 4:00 with rain in the forecast, so we headed down.

Besides stopping for breaks a little more often than I probably would have, he did awesome and loved every minute of it.

Thanks again!
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