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Tour de FLWF: How did all this junk get back in there?

Hey all,

I just did an overnighter in FLWF, where I visited Long Lake, Waters Mill Pond, Long Pond, Knapps Long Lake, Dexter, Spectacle, and Fourth. While I enjoyed myself in there, I was constantly stumbling across heaps of trash. Some of it was clearly old, left there from who knows when, but the piles of little-faded Pepsi and Bud Light cans were more recently deposited. In addition to pots, pans, cutlery, and way too many blue cheapo tarps, there was also less junky stuff illegally stashed in Hefty Bags or within tarps for some camping party's future use.

My question to forum members:

This is from float plains, right? I can't imagine someone on foot bringing a 24 pack of Pepsi and a few Hefty bags full of gear miles into the woods.

If I am right thinking it's from float plains, then are those who operate such plains in the Adirondacks responsible to some degree for what their clients leave behind?

I grabbed one tarp, a dozen beer cans and some glass bottles and was at capacity. Should I call a ranger? Or should I just cope with the fact that a lot of trash lives in the Adirondack woods.

Thoughts appreciated.

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