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Originally Posted by WinterWarlock View Post
I'd say he did alright - made it into his Hall of Fame anyway

1992 - Bristol-Myers Squibb Award for Distinguished Achievement in Neuroscience Research
1993 - Gairdner Foundation International Award for Achievements in Medical Sciences
1993 - Gairdner Foundation International Award
1994 - General Motors Cancer Reseearch Foundation Alfred P. Sloan Jr. Prize
1996 - Kyoto Prize in Basic Sciences
1996 - German Molecular Bioanalytics Prize
1997 - Franklin Medal for Advancing Our Knowledge of the Physical Sciences
1998 - Feodor Lynen Lectureship
1998 - Rosenblatt Prize for Excellence
1998 - Baxter Award for Distinguished Research in the Biomedical Sciences
1999 - Helen Lowe Bamberger Colby and John E. Bamberger Presidential Endowed Chair in the University of Utah Health Sciences Center
2000 - Lectureship in the Life Sciences for the Collège de France
2000 - Horace Mann Distinguished Alumni Award, Antioch College
2000 - Italian Premio Phoenix-Anni Verdi for Genetics Research Award
2001 - Albert Lasker Award for Basic Medical Research, co-winner with Martin Evans and Oliver Smithies[27]
2001 - Spanish Jiménez-Diáz Prize
2001 - Pioneers of Progress Award
2001 - National Medal of Science[28]
2002 - John Scott Medal Award
2002 - Massry Prize from the Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California
2003 - Pezcoller Foundation-AACR International Award for Cancer Research
2002/3 - Wolf Prize in Medicine
2005 - March of Dimes Prize in Developmental Biology
2007 - Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, co-winner with Martin Evans and Oliver Smithies[6]
But, could he hit?
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