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Jeter has been my favorite Yankee for a long time. He's had a tremendous, sustained, hall of fame career. The "intangibles" or "baseball smarts" are hard to quantify, and he had them in spades!

That said, IMHO, he's not in the same class of player as a significant handful of Yankee greats: Gehrig, Ruth, DiMaggio, Mantle, Berra. For all of those guys they were considered the best at their position for a significant part of their careers, with the possible exception of Mantle who had the misfortune of playing during the Willie Mays era.

Jeter, on the other hand, probably only approached that benchmark in one or two seasons. He had the benefit of playing on a great team, so he was more visible than many others, and he had more durability than most of them, except Ripkin. He has many Yankee records, but some of them are in the "compiler" category. You bat lead-off for a team that scores a lot and you stay healthy, you will get many at bats and hits and walks and runs. Same for all his post-season records. (I understand you still have to hit the ball and run the bases.) Not taking anything away from him. Great ball player, and first-round HOF-er.

Agreed, this is a fun conversation. And I'll miss Derek's play and his presence. (Although he is about the worst interview in sports!) Now I have no reason to watch the Yankees.

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