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The Santanoni Range - 6/28/12

(cross posted form ADK High Peaks forum)

I used a vacation day yesterday to take advantage of the great weather and hike the Santanoni Range.

I made a loop out of the core of the hike by going up the Panther Brook HP and down the new/old Santanoni Express HP. I did Panther first, followed by Couch and Santa.

Thanks guys for the trail re-route near Bradley Pond. It looks great! And thanks for the sign and connector for the Panther Brook HP.


Start 5:20 AM
Bradley Pond 6:35 AM
Times Square/Harold Square 8:30 AM
Panther 9:00 AM
Couch 10:10 AM
Santa 12:05 PM
Bottom of Santa Express 2:15 PM
Car 3 PM

9 hrs, 45 minutes total

I only saw 3 people all day. Not unexpected for a Thursday. I didn't sink in the mud wallow on Couch and still no bugs! Quite a nice day. Santanoni Express is quite steep (especially at the top). If I do this trip again (thinking winter), I will probably choose clockwise to go up the steep.

No humidity, no snakes, no bushwhacking, just good old fashioned herd paths.

ADK 46: 40/46(8W)

Long story and pictures at:
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