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Ha - not a problem. Last time I was here was 5 years ago this summer and my wife was pregnant. So I'm more/less in the same boat as you... pun intended.

I understand the itch. We used to get out nearly every weekend. But I have a unique situation and I know my kids limits. We still have fun though:

Regarding Nellie and Bessie - yeah you can hike to them from Long Pond (on the northeast most corner there is a portage trail. There is/was an extensive beaver pond to contend with before getting to them. You could carry a boat the short way to that pond and ferry everyone across and then stash it, or try to bushwhack around. When I did there were a million herd paths and none all that great. Might not be ideal for a little kid (I'd recommend the ferry). Just FYI. Below is the obstacle:

The ponds are gorgeous though (this is Bessie):

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