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Some places I'd check out, but with a warning that you'd have to check for road closures, general regulations, and have a vehicle that can get to these spots.
Mason Lake off route 30 N of Speculator. Not sure if the access to the N closes when Jessup River Rd closes, but check.
The Old Route 28 loop on the shore of Lake Durant has two primative sites, just like 1/4 mile west of the NPT trailhead.
There's a couple drive in primative sites just W of the above, off of Durant Rd. in BML.
Also looks like there's quite a few sites on or just off Route 8 in the Siamese Ponds Wilderness, not sure how that works?
Allllso, I'd try down at the Cedar dam at the end of Cedar River Rd before the gate to the Moose River Plains.
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