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Copperas Pond, Owen Pond, and Winch Pond are nice destinations, and are probably visited often enough that your odds of having to break trail are minimal. The trail to Copperas Pond is steep, though, and it can be icy. You may have difficulty making a full day out of this area, but you could combine it with a trip into Whiteface Landing on Lake Placid.

Cooper Kiln Pond is a snowmobile trail. I'm not sure how much snowmobile use it actually gets, though. There area doesn't often get visited by hikers. If snowmobiles haven't been there recently, it is likely that you'll have to break trail. The lean-to at Cooper Kiln Pond is one of the highest lean-tos in the Adirondack Park- I spent a very cold night there in August a few years ago.

Wanika Falls is relatively remote (close to 6 miles from the trailhead). I don't think it is frequently visited in the winter. You may have to break trail to get there.
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