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Growth Factor 9 is a product made by Novex Biotech. I purchased it at GNC. It cost $85 for a month's supply. It is supplement that naturally boosts your HGH levels. It does not contain HGH.
The dosage was 4 pills a day 2 hours before a meal. I chose to take it before breakfast. As I said I never got up to 4 pills. I started out with 1 and built up to 3 over a month and a half. The bloating was very obvious when I reached 3 pills and was definitely caused by my bodies reaction to it. I looked like I had a pot belly.
After checking internet I found that bloating was a reported side-effect. The other side effect just might be my imagination. I take blood thinners and lately have noticed that I easily started bleeding. Several times by just scratching and once from clipping toenails. I also started bruising easily. I've been taking thinners for 3 years and have occasional had these effects but never to this extent. This was the main reason I stopped taking it.
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