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Sounds good to me.

I wouldn’t sweat the details too much because you could bail at almost any point and the farthest you’re going to be is out in long pond and getting there to the road isn’t that far. 2 hours tops. So I’d just wing it and see how it goes. No reason to loop either. You could just hop around to ponds in the Saranac Wild Forest part. And the traverse from hoel to long should be fine for overnight.

The only longish carry is from polliwog to hoel, and it’s a nice easy walk, so if you do go that way and take your time it wont be unpleasant.

So many camping options you can probably laze around and get what you find later in the day or find one early and then diddle around that area for the rest of the day. There’s no wrong answer. I’d go on what the kids are up for and not plan to do too much unless they are motivated. There’s no huge advantage to racing around out there. Every pond has its own charms. Most of the carries in the Fish Creek vicinity are really short.
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